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The Lancashire Methodist District of the Methodist Church shares in the calling of the Methodist Church to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Jesus Christ and to live out our discipleship in worship and mission.

Thy Kingdom Come

thy kingdom come

21st - 31st May 2020 (Ascension to Pentecost)

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement which the Archbishop of Canterbury is inviting people around the world to join. 

The wave of prayer starts in May for 11 days between the Christian festivals of Ascension and Pentecost from 21st May to 31st May 2020.

It’s not complicated – we’re simply asking people to pray in whatever way they want and with whoever they choose for others to come to know Jesus Christ.

When you sign up you can also pledge to hold a prayer event in your church. We’ll support you by email with resources tailored for you – whether you’re praying on your own or with others.

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District Sunday service 31st May 2020, 7.00 pm




Deadline for requests to attend is 1.00pm on Friday


Our by now regular worship gathering via Zoom will take place on Sunday at 7.00pm. I think everyone has now found the mute button but we must remember to be muted unless we have been invited to say something as Zoom responds to any noise. The use of chat for prayers has developed and will now be recorded and sent to all those who ask to join so it can be used in prayers the following week.


Once again we will be singing, I’ve called it “Duets with Jason”. As we will all be muted except Jason you can then sing along at home at whatever volume you want! If you have a hymnbook to hand it would be helpful although we will try to get the words up as well, however, this may be more complicated. 


We can still only admit 100 devices at any one time. We have been able to accommodate everyone who has applied so far so we haven’t increased the number available but we will continue to monitor the situation.


If you have attended before you simply need to email requesting the codes.  If, however, you are attending for the first time please state which circuit and church you are coming from.


Applications need to be sent to   

Deadline for requests to attend is 1.00pm on Friday

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Coronavirus - Official Guidance



A statement from the Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler, Secretary of the Conference:


“Methodists have missed being able to gather for worship in church buildings over the last two months and look forward to the resumption of public worship when it is safe for this to happen.

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Coronavirus Guidance for Property



The Government is due to give an update on its lockdown guidance on Sunday May 10. We will consider any changes carefully and update our own guidance as necessary. The Secretary to the Conference will meet Ecumenical colleagues later this week and District Chairs and the Warden of the Diaconal Order on Monday May 11 and will discuss any possible changes with them.  As usual, any updates will be shared on the Methodist Church website and on our social media channels. 

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FREE phone lines for prayers and news from the Methodist Church

Listen to a prayer: 0808 281 2514
Listen to news: 0808 281 2478

Content is updated weekly on Thursday afternoon

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Prayer 21


Across the world and across our country there have been calls for prayer. The response I have received these last few days reminds me that when we pray together it feels like something special. In this time of isolation there is no need to be alone because prayer joins us together. It is a reminder of the words of Jesus when two or three are gathered.

We are learning to be gathered differently and if that means virtually, watching live streaming, or on Zoom, as many of our District meetings now take place, we can be gathered. 

I’ve been thinking about how Methodists in Lancashire can pray together and I have a suggestion for you. I invite you to join with me in prayer every night at 9.00pm. Lancashire District’s number is 21. On the 24-hour clock 9.00 pm is 21:00, so, if you like it is Lancashire’s time! I’d like you to pray for sixteen minutes because the Circuits in the Lancashire District number between 1 and 16.  There are few gaps and I’ll come to that later. I know some people will find that time difficult and it may be a challenge, so you could choose another time, but make it special. It would be great if as many people as possible could join together at 9.00pm every day throughout this time so whilst we may be alone, we are together.

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