Lancashire Methodist District

Transforming Lives and Communities



Transforming means to be changed from one thing to another. A policy document is not meant to be set in stone and fixed. This is especially true if the title is “Transforming Lives and Communities.”

The purpose of this revision is to equip the Lancashire Methodist District to prepare for the 2020’s, building on the past yet seeking to be changed as we approach the next decade.

The policy with the seven themes has become grounded in the life of the Methodist Church in Lancashire. Almost all Circuits and Churches have adopted it as their policy. The District Grants Committee uses TLC when it considers any request for funding and support.

The present revision along with a new commitment to “Our Calling” by the Methodist Church in Britain are resources which will allow individuals, Churches and Circuits to transform the communities to which they belong.

I hope that this will be used to concentrate our activities at a time of great time of change. Along with this document, there will be booklets for individuals to chart their own discipleship.

I pray this will allow the people called Methodists in Lancashire to be agents of transformation, that by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus Christ, we can make a difference to our communities.

Paul Davis September 2018

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