Lancashire Methodist District

Prayers for a New Future


by Paul H Davis
September 2020

Gracious God as we leave the past help us remember how things were,  
We thought we knew how things worked,
You showed us how small is our understanding.
We thought we knew how to make strategy,
You showed us how limited is our grasp of your plans for us.
We thought we were well organised,
You showed us that there is more than ideas and meetings.
We thought that chapels and churches were essential,
You showed us that you are not restricted to buildings,
We thought there was nothing more important than being in the same place.
You showed us there are new ways of sharing fellowship.
We thought we needed to plan our occasions to gather,
You showed us there was no reason to be tied to specific moments,
We thought we knew how to worship you,
You showed us there are more ways than we can imagine.
We thought everything was in our hands.
You showed us that your outstretched arms hold so much more.


As we enter this new future,

Help us to see there is more to be yet explored,

Open our eyes to new possibilities,

Open our hearts to new ways of loving,

Open our arms to new ways of serving,


As we set sail on a new future,

Help us to recognise and affirm new opportunities,

Fearless of letting go of the old,

Fearless of what may happen tomorrow,

Fearless of the what the new will bring


As we see the green shoots of new life,

Help us to encourage all that could happen.

Give wisdom to those who can enable,

Give hope to those who can see possibilities,

Give strength to those who break through into something new.

In the name of the one who is on the throne

And yet still holds us, our saviour and friend,

Jesus. Amen.