Lancashire Methodist District

Online Coffee Morning

There is an online coffee morning every Tuesday 11am for 45 minutes – could this be for you or someone in your church?



What is it like?
It’s like a coffee morning (although you have to bring your own drink and biscuit)!

“I like hearing what’s happening in other people’s churches”
“it’s nice to see people’s faces”
“It’s relaxed and is great fellowship”

ü    If you are a steward, or a preacher or some other sort of church leader, this is a great place to hear stories and take inspiration from others.
ü  If you know you are in lockdown for some more time to come, and would like company, and a routine, and have internet, access this might be for you.
ü  If you are missing contact with groups, then this could be a place for you. You can listen and/or you can talk. No pressure to talk !

Different members of the Learning Network are there most weeks, they host the reflections, as do others from the group from time to time.

How do I give it a try?

If you would like the link to the zoom coffee morning, please email Rob and he will send you the link -

Updates and more info on this and other events at
- Facebook @discipleshaped