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Christian meditation
Meditation may deepen one's experience of the presence of God, enhance self-awareness, and reduce stress and anxiety, valuable during this time of isolation.

Join a half-hour Zoom 'guided meditation' session, led by Peter Lumsden (Local Preacher in the Clitheroe Circuit), every Monday evening at 7.00 pm.

The sessions follow a pattern of 15 minutes of spiritual reflection, combined with a focus on breathing, leading into a period of about 15 minutes of silence.

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Monday 27th December 2021

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O come let us adore him….the innocence of the child is the power of God filling the hearts and souls of all beloved and broken people with hope and light. And as Evelyn Underhill writes, adoration is the antidote to self-obsession.

One day, if we are lucky, the impact of Christmas stuns us. Something remarkable begins to dawn on us – the recognition that, despite its ugliness and evil, this wounded world is alive with love. We are treasured beyond measure by a mercy that does not depend on our worthiness – that carries no
inspection for perfection (Daniel O'Leary).

At this time every year, our tradition and our scriptures add to our experience to remind us of this radical revelation that the divine Mystery is flesh of our flesh, as intimate as our senses. The mystic within us knows that the same holds true of the world itself, that we must cherish it, because now we know it to be the precious body of God.

The mystery of the incarnation: “The day of my spiritual awakening”, wrote Rhineland mystic Mechtild of Magdeburg, “was the day
I saw – and knew I saw – all things in God and God in all things.” Incarnation is about recognising divine beauty – usually in deep disguise.

Music from Salt of the Sound: a lovely video with the track COME TO US (ABIDE)

The night the world lay waiting
Silent stars drifted by
New life, new light for the darkness
Lord with us abide

O come to us, abide in us…
O come to us, abide… (Abide)
Lord, in us, abide

That's the last one of the year, and there will be NO meditations during January, as I hope to be in Australia with family.....if there is a desire to continue with these, I will resume in February

Peace and joy of this Christmas season, and may our hope carry us on into and through 2022