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Lay Employment


The Lancashire District is committed to supporting our valuable Lay Employees. This page has information for Lay Employees and those who support them.

If you would like further information, please contact the Lay Employment Sub Committee (LESC) on

Line Management Training

learning network

30th September 2021 / 14th October 2021 / 9th November 2021 / 12th January 2022

23rd February 2022 / 18th March 2022 / 26th April 2022 / 9th May 2022 / 16th July 2022

New to Line Management?

Join the Learning Network Team and:

- identify the key skills and qualities needed to manage lay employees
- Gain clarity on the different functions of line management

- Understand the line manager's role in the employment cycle

See the FLYER for contact and booking details

District Lay Employment Day


Save the date - 31st March 2022, more details to follow in due course.

Supporting Lay Employees: A policy for Lancashire District

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Processes for those wanting to employ a Lay Employee

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    District appointments                               circuit appointments
                               church appointments

Leavers checklists for Employee and Manager

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employee checklist                               manager checklist