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COVID and Dispelling Myths About the Vaccine


Please find below the video of a Webinar that took place regarding COVID, and dispelling myths around the vaccination. The video also features contributions by the Lancashire Directors of Public Health.

Inter Faith Week - 14th - 20th November 2021


HOPE Interfaith

In many religious traditions, hope is associated with an ultimate fulfilment, of eternal life continuing after this physical life ends.

In the Greek myth of Pandora, dating back to around 700 BC, the gods punish humanity by giving Pandora a vase, which she's told not to open. Of course, she opens it, and releases into the world a bunch of miseries and torments, taking life into an uncertain future.

One gift though remained within, elpis sometimes translated as hope, but in the Greek more usually as expectation - which could be positive (hope) or negative (despair).

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Dying, death, and life after death

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone, with large numbers dying, and families experiencing bereavement. Whilst we may be aware of some of the practices of different religious groups, how much do we know about the beliefs behind the various rituals and practices associated with death? Increasing our understanding of beliefs and practices of our various traditions is important in the building of stable communities, so this event will be of interest to a wide audience. It will also be recorded, so that it can be widely used as a learning resource.

A Webinar took place on 8th July 2020 via Zoom and a recording of the Webinar was made:

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