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Dying, death, and life after death

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone, with large numbers dying, and families experiencing bereavement. Whilst we may be aware of some of the practices of different religious groups, how much do we know about the beliefs behind the various rituals and practices associated with death? Increasing our understanding of beliefs and practices of our various traditions is important in the building of stable communities, so this event will be of interest to a wide audience. It will also be recorded, so that it can be widely used as a learning resource.

A Webinar took place on 8th July via Zoom and a recording of the Webinar was made:

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Inter Faith Events


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Inter Faith Religious Festivals 2020



30 (3 days)  Eid al Adha – commemorates the story of Abraham and Isaac (Islam)



18 – 20       Rosh Hashannah – beginning of New year (Judaism)

27              Yom Kippur – day of atonement (Judaism)



2 - 9           Sukkot – shelters, commemorating protection while journeying from Egypt (Judaism)       

17 - 25       Navratri – nine nights festival (Hinduism)                                               

31              All Hallows / All Saints (Christian)



8 – 15        INTER FAITH WEEK

12             Birth of prophet Bahaullah (Ba’hai)

14             Diwali – festival of light (Hinduism, Sikhism)

30             Birth of Guru Nanak (Sikh)



8               Bodhi day – enlightenment of the Buddha (Buddhism)

10 - 18      Hannukah – marks the rededication of the temple after a defeat of the Greeks (Judaism)
25             Christmas (Christian)