Lancashire Methodist District

Godly Play Bus

Update - 29th July 2020

The bus is now mobile and is getting its MOT in August, we hope to work with the schools to do the pilot project in some form in September.

We are also working on providing videos of Godly Play that might be able to be used in schools and are working on using the bus in a new way in light of the pandemic.

The biggest news is that the bus is now fixed! So we are so excited! And the schools seem to be open to having us work with them, in a safe way, in September.

Lancashire Methodist District present:

godly play

                                               The Godly Play Bus

                                      A fully equipped Godly Play Classroom parked right outside your school. 

   A unique story telling experience that enables children to make connections between their own

experience and the big stories of God.

Links with literacy, RE, PHSE, resilience, worship and Christian values.       

lancashire district

                                      Unique sessions tailored to your school.


           For more info contact Catherine: 07395 177 867