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The Methodist Church                         June 2020



The experience of lockdown has changed all of us, one way or another.  One change has been that more and more people are turning to prayer – including Christians, those from other faiths and those who profess no religious faith.

Who knows what people have been praying, maybe people have been calling out for help in times of crisis?  Do they believe God listened?

We are convinced that now is a tremendous opportunity for people who call themselves Christian to pause and consider how God wants to be with us, as individuals, churches and societies, today and into the future.

In this newsletter, you will find resources suitable for

~ committed Christians

~ those new to faith or prayer

~ those with internet access or without

~ people time rich or time poor

~ folk confident in prayer or taking first steps

We encourage you to use your imagination with these resources.

You might want to invite someone to host a space for people to:

~ talk together after they have watched the films

~ talk about what they have learnt or re-learnt in the booklets

~ share their reflections once a week while using A Story to Tell, possibly in worship

~ pray together in pairs or threes

You might want to use your wayside pulpit or online presence to teach people about the range and multiple ways to pray.

You might want to invite people from outside of church to ‘events’ like those listed above.

If the people you work with have internet access, please encourage them to access the online versions of these resources wherever possible – for the sake of the environment and the costs of postage!  But where you have people who cannot access these resources online, please email Edel and she will post out print copies to a central address, for you to distribute to individuals.

There are lots of resources in this newsletter to keep you going for months! 
NEW!  Click on an item to be taken to that item in this newsletter:

A Story to Tell – spiritual journal

Simple Prayer Guidebook – ways of praying

Simple Prayer films – how to pray

Taketime – online meditations

A Methodist Way of Life – spiritual rhythm and accompaniment

Spiritual Leadership – recording of an online seminar

Quiet days and retreats – online space

Pray As You Stay – an app

A Story To Tell

The Learning Network in the North East created this little booklet (A6) with reflection questions for 30 days to help you to notice God at work in and around you.  Space is provided to write or doodle your answers.  This is a great resource to post out to people who are staying at home, to help them pay attention to how God is with them.

To have copies of ‘A Story To Tell’ posted to you, please email Edel with your name, address, and number of copies needed.  (We don’t have permission to put these online.)

A Simple Prayer Guidebook and Simple Prayer: Introductory Films


‘A Simple Prayer Guidebook’ is a straightforward and accessible guide for anyone who wants to explore prayer.  It offers a range of forms of prayer with practical suggestions for experimenting with different approaches.  It may also be a helpful resource to post to people staying at home.

‘Simple Prayer: Introductory Films’ are three films on YouTube – ‘Images of God’, ‘Discernment’ and ‘Approaches to Prayer’.  There is an accompanying leaflet with reflection questions for each film.

To access these resources online, visit our Resources webpage and scroll down to the three videos.  Links to the leaflet and guidebook appear just beneath the videos.

To have copies of ‘A Simple Prayer Guidebook’ or ‘Simple Prayer: Introductory Films’ posted to you, please email Edel with your name, address, and number of copies needed.



The Taketime website or app provides 5, 10, 15 or 20 meditations on passages from the gospels and is a simple, accessible way for people to encounter Jesus and to deepen their relationship with him.  This was created initially for women in prison; it has been extended since those early days and is still very accessible.

A Methodist Way of Life is a way of living.  It is to help us establish a rhythm to our prayer lives, and we can gather a few others and together share our faith journey.

Like the early Christians (Acts 2: 42-47), we seek to express what it means to follow Jesus in the regular, practical actions of worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism.

In this sense, A Methodist Way of Life is both new and old.  It is new, in that Methodists first discussed such a way at the 2018 Conference, although it is based on Our Calling, agreed in 2000.  That, in turn, was built on what Methodists have always done, since the days of John Wesley, in trying to follow Jesus and live out the Christian faith – just as those first followers in Acts did.

If you fancy gathering (online for now) with one or two others and sharing in a rhythm of spirituality together please consider this.

Please visit the website and view this YouTube film.

Spiritual Leadership for the church and the world

The NWM Learning & Development Forum have been hosting a theological reflection space for Ministers for six weeks. The fifth session was on spiritual leadership and we wanted to share this more widely.

Roger Walton shares in this the importance of our own spiritual wellbeing as church leaders.  View the film here.

On this YouTube channel, you will also find Karen Jobson’s excellent session on ministering in a context of grief and trauma, and from Thursday, the final session on being prophetic, led by Simon Sutcliffe will also be there.

All the films have the reflection questions the speakers offered to us uploaded too.

Make a retreat from home


The Chapel in the Fields, a Methodist Pioneer Project based in the Manchester & Stockport District is hosting online quiet days.  Visit the website.

Dates: 21 May, 27 June, 22 July, 15 September and 17 October


In these strange times, it might be helpful to talk through what is going on in life, prayer or faith with a spiritual accompanist one-to-one.  The Jesuits in Britain are offering a week of one-to-one sessions via Zoom for anyone who would like to find some contemplative space in their day.  Visit the website.  

OR the Pathways to God website.

OR (from 31 May to 6 June) Pentecost Online Retreat website.

Pray As You Stay


The team behind ‘Pray As You Go’ have created ‘Pray As You Stay’, a series of online mediations supporting people during this time of self-isolation, uncertainty and fear. They last 6 to 7 minutes and are gentle and compassionate.  Visit the website.

How can you keep in touch?

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