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Well, this is turning out to be a spiritual, emotional, physical, emotional roller coaster isn’t it.  I heard a new word this week to describe it... "coronacoaster".  

We know you like the film clips we share; here’s one we make no introduction to, give yourself six and a half minutes, the link to the film is at the bottom of the newsletter to encourage you to read the newsletter first!

What’s in this newsletter?

~ Learning & development opportunities online and based in North West & Man region

Lay Employees’ Days – this week

Bible Month

Coffee morning

~ Job opportunities with us

ONE programme

Communications strategy

~ Caring for you in your new context

Resources for your wellbeing

~ Learning & development opportunities with no geographical barriers

Cliff Festival at Home

Everybody Welcome Online

~ Mission beyond lockdown

Webinars looking to the future

~ Worship

What, where, who & how?

Learning & development opportunities online and based in North West & Man region

We will not host any face-to-face events in May or June.  However, there is still some great stuff going on…

Lay Employees days via Zoom

~ Tuesday 5 May - Liverpool and Chester & Stoke-on-Trent Districts

~ Thursday 7 May - Bolton & Rochdale, Manchester & Stockport and Isle of Man Districts

9:30am to 12:30pm

NOTE: If you are furloughed you may still attend these days as they are non-essential training.  If your staff are furloughed, they won’t receive this newsletter so please do invite them to attend.

~ Prayer and worship

~ Reduce isolation  

~ Q&A with the Chairs

~ Workshops; please book in advance with Rob which day you want along with your choice of TWO of these three workshops ASAP...

1) Communicating well - a chance to share your learning, top tips and frustrations in these current times"

2) "Looking after ourselves well"

3) "The ministry of absence - pastoral visiting without the visit"

When you book in, we will send you a Zoom link to join.  If you have any questions get in touch with Kristie.  

Zoom conferencing can be draining so we have planned in several coffee breaks (bring your own croissants!)  

Bible Month is more than sermons in church buildings.

~ It can also involve small groups of adults or children and youth people.

~ It is usually held during June, but can be done anytime including during Lockdown, and it can happen in different ways!

Bible Month Magazine 2020: Ruth

This magazine provides guides to Ruth, adapted for a four week preaching programme, small group work and all age engagement.

Contributors include Dr Rachel Starr with Gail Adcock, our very own Revd Dr Jasmine Devadason, Charlotte Hendy, Claire Knight

and Jo Swinney.

To order your hard copies and download your PDF copy of Bible Month, click here.

Videos from Bible Month Preparation days

There is some excellent teaching in these videos; watch alone as part as your prep to lead others, or watch in your own homes and invite others to chat about it with you afterwards...

Ruth Part 1 by Rachel Starr, click here.

Ruth Part 2 by Rachel Starr, click here.

Rachel’s talk at Southern Region, click here.


A starter list of hymns from Singing the Faith that you might find helpful is here.

List of resources from Scotland Region of the Learning Network is here.

Bible Month event

LICC are organising a Zoom Bible workshop: The Many-Layered Riches of Ruth on Wednesday 20 May 2020 from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  

An interactive online workshop, exploring principles for Reading the Old Testament and its insight for Christian discipleship and Mission today.  The tickets are free but limited so booking is essential.

Job opportunities

Two exciting new job opportunities for young people aged 18-23 with the ONE Programme: Connexion.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in either of these great opportunities?

If so, don’t wait – simply forward this information to them and encourage them in their gifting!

These year-long, part-time roles combine an incredible year focussing on discipleship, vocation and leadership, with training provided by Cliff College.

Application deadline for both roles is 11 June at Noon.

~ Bread making facilitator/community worker in Liverpool’s city-centre Bread Church - click here.

~ Community outreach Worker in Crosby - click here.

Want to help the Learning Network team in the North West & Mann improve our comms strategy?

Communication consultant required for short term project

The project was conceived before Covid-19 but there may be further work to take into account the changes in the communication landscape given the current crisis.

~ The purpose of the project is to develop a communication strategy for the Learning and Development work of the team of nine staff including audit, needs analysis, develop strategies and models, facilitate decision making, plan implementation and train staff as needed.  

~ Some or all of the following would be helpful:

- Understanding of the Methodist context

- Expertise and experience designing communication strategies

- Familiarity with Learning and Development contexts

~ The project is expected to be equivalent to two months’ full-time work but can be spread over a longer period.  You will be self-employed.  The Learning Network follows safer recruitment practices when commissioning consultants.

For more information, contact Alison Ball, Regional Learning and Development Coordinator, North West and Mann Learning Network on email or 07799 902583.

Virtual Coffee Morning

Tuesdays 11:00 to 11:40am

A space to:

~ See people

~ Have conversations

~ Reflect on the week

~ Pray

Join in the same link as the last two weeks with this link. This link will change soon.

If you need a meeting ID or password then they are:

Meeting ID: 892 1718 0051

Password: 026541

Caring for you in your new context

Mental health and vocation

We are conscious that, during this time, you are supporting people through all kinds of difficulties, challenges and unprecedented anxieties.  Though you’re used to being with and alongside others in illness, bereavement, the end of life, and amid mental health difficulties, the scope and scale of Covid-19 are new, and challenging, and potentially overwhelming.

Colleagues within the Connexional Team have put this together and it is being well received.

Learning & development opportunities with no geographical barriers

Cliff Festival is still on, it’s still going global and it’s still partnering with the NWM Learning Network, All We Can and others!

~ Friday 22 May, Saturday 23 May, Sunday 24 May, Monday 25 May

~ Free

~ Live streaming and pre-recorded Bible studies, seminars, workshops, preaching, worship and

~ Speakers include Revd Dr Billy Abraham, Professor Evelyn Parker and Dr Miguel A. De La Torre; Worship leaders include Sam Taylor and Josh Gillam. We'll also have some all-age worship and activities every day.

~ This year's Festival theme is ‘Global Vision’. This offers us an amazing opportunity to reflect with and learn from some of our global partners, and we hope they will encourage and enable us to understand and learn from their context.

Some of our team are involved so maybe we will see you there!

Festival guide is here.  

Everybody Welcome Online

We are aware you are being bombarded with amazing new things at the moment and we are trying not to fall in to that trap whilst still resourcing you.

As ever, we signpost you to The Methodist Church website and also this week we think Everybody Welcome Online from CPAS is worth adding to your reading list - click here.

Part 1  What is going on and what is God doing

Part 2  Who is responding and why

Part 3  Welcoming well in the lockdown church

Part 4  Welcoming the Crowds when lockdown is over

Part 5  Learning Together

After Lockdown

Webinar series: Mission Beyond Lockdown

The lockdown means that we can’t do what we usually do right now.  And if, as expected, social distancing measures remain once the strict lockdown ends, our church buildings may remain closed for some months. What does this mean for God's mission through the church?

The link to the Webinar series is here.

The District Missioner Community and Learning Network, in collaboration with the Evangelism and Growth Team, bring you a series of webinars starting Tuesday 12 May to explore this issue and the many questions which arise.  We are offering hosted conversations on the impact of social distancing on community engagement, leadership, evangelism, discipleship and more.  Each webinar will be interactive and reflective, aiming to prepare us all for the “new normal” that is coming.

See below for confirmed topics and dates.  To register, click on the webinar title and book your free ticket.  Some webinar details are yet to be confirmed - tickets will go live as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please email Emma Nash.

Webinar 1 - Community engagement beyond COVID-19 2:00 to 4:00pm Tuesday 12 May

Webinar 2 - Give me some good news: evangelism beyond COVID-19 3:00 to 5:00pm Tuesday 19 May

Webinar 3 - Leadership beyond lockdown 2:00 to 4:00pm Wednesday 3 June

Webinar 4 - Missio Dei: What lockdown is teaching us about mission (date and time TBC)

Webinar 5 - How to use the Methodist Way of Life: daily discipleship beyond church buildings (date and time TBC)

Worship at home

We aren’t planning to post any more info about where to access online worship as we think people seem to have found what is best for them.  However, if you aren’t aware of all the range of options please do get in touch and we will direct you to something that will best meet your needs.

Also, we note that this new way of worshipping has used the skills some have and has left some others feeling not good enough.  We want to encourage you to use the skills and giftings you do have and signpost people to others with different skills to you.

Home can be a safe and sacred space, so in a flipped round world, home is where worship is happening.  What are you offering people so they can worship in new ways at home, on their own or with their households?  It might be that there’s more to worship than gathering online?  Could this be a time for some of us to be building people’s confidence in their own prayer and worship lives?  We’d love to chat some more with you about that.  Get in touch.

Here's the film...

How can you keep in touch?

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Alison Ransome  07799900474

Alison is now part time in the region and shares the coordination role with Alison Ball

Alison Ball  07799902583

Alison shares the coordination role and is the officer linked to Chester & Stoke-on-Trent District

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Brec is the officer linked to Cumbria District

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Jasmine is the officer linked to Bolton & Rochdale District

Kristie Legg  07799902582

Kristie is the officer linked to the Lancashire District

Melody Clarke  07817807555  

Mel is the officer linked to the Liverpool District

Simon Sutcliffe  07799902578

Simon is the officer linked to Manchester & Stockport District

Edel McClean  07799902563

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