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Equipping and resourcing ministry to and with children, young people, families and young adults.

As the Children, Youth and Family Team of the Methodist Church, we work with parents, carers, lay workers, church leaders and others to enable children, young people, young adults and families respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and live out their discipleship in worship and mission. We want to transform lives, churches and communities through and for children, young people and families.

If you are a children's, youth or family worker looking for support, learning and resources then The Well Learning Hub is a great place to start.

For parents, carers or other family members looking for support with faith in the home or intergenerational opportunities, visit our Family or Intergenerational Ministry pages.

For young adults we offer a wide range of opportunities to explore vocation, deepen discipleship, serve God or test a calling - from short-term volunteering or residential events to year-long paid internships.

Last but not least, we have a growing number of exciting resources and opportunities for children and young people.

Please do take some time to explore our pages, there is lots to discover! 

What is 3Generate?


3Generate aims to create an inclusive and diverse space for the prophetic voice of children and young people to emerge and be heard, enabling them to speak courageously, and listen to God and each other. Through the process of 3Generate, children and young people are equipped to become participants in advocacy, change and growth and have an impact in their local Methodist communities. 3Generate calls the Church to listen to, and be in relationship and dialogue with and amongst, children and young people, so that change can happen together as a community.

Here to visit their website

3Generate diversity statement

3Generate and 3Generate 365 seek to embed diversity and inclusivity throughout the 3Generate process and wider ministry with and amongst children, young people and young adults.  We are committed to equity, equality, respect and inclusion for all children, young people and adults. We all have a role to play, to embed a culture of inclusivity and diversity in all we do and facilitate.

Youth President 2022/2023

youth president 2022-2023

Ay Up, I’m James Carver, the Youth President of the Methodist Church for 2022/2023. Now, you may have guessed from my greeting that I am (technically) from the North, from a council estate in Clifton, Nottingham. I live with ADHD and autistic traits.

The beginning of my term as Youth President has been interesting. As you may know, we had my induction service planned for the 11th September 2022 but due to the unfortunate passing of Her Majesty, it was decided to postpone. Luckily, I was inducted at 3Generate, and the experience was fantastic; like a bolt of lightning going down your spine.

We had Daud Irfan (Youth President 2021/2022) presiding, and Anthony Boateng (Vice-President of the Conference) share a prayer over the two of us.

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